Understand and experience that

Me and the Universal are One;
Me and the Absolute are One;
Me and the Eternal are One.

“Unity- liberates. Freedom-unites. Ultimately nothing is mine or yours everything is ours. Just be one with yourself and you will be one with all, at home in the entire universe”. said by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Consciousness is a pathway to peace, love, happiness and to feel eternal and infinite nature of your own self, total transformation of your finite existence into the infinite eternal 'Self'. It gives you an experience of the presence of the divine energy within.
Spiritual evolution starts with "self discovery". "I am the body" idea which is an obstacle that interferes with discovering the self. Realising one's self is a state of awakening your soul which is happy, peaceful, content and immortal.

Now, why should you know the "self"?

The most famous Hindu scripture "The Bhagwatgita" says, "With the self unattached to external contact, he finds happiness in the Self; with the self engaged in the meditation of brahman, he attains endless happiness".

We are not the Individual, the Particular, and the Temporary. We are individuated sparks of wholeness or divine consciousness, it’s pure state is absolute, eternal and universal. It simply IS.

We are the part of the whole--- indeed, we are the whole.

Masters who came from time to time, all proclaimed, “Oh man, you are attached to outer labels, when the source of all joy and happiness is within you. Rise above the body consciousness”.

* Knowing something is mere information…
* Experiencing it becomes knowledge…
* Understanding the essence and practicing it in our lives, it becomes wisdom!

The ultimate wisdom is that related to the subjects of Spiritual Science and Meditation. The quest to attain this wisdom is an integral part our lives and forms the basis of our souls evolution.

The simple yet powerful tools that we use to facilitate spiritual growth and self discovery are:

* Teaching Reiki and Crystal Healing
* Teaching the theory and practice of Meditation & Spiritual Science
* Past-Life-Regression & Future-Progression
* Understanding of Soul, Healing & the Law of Karma
* Understanding about Telepathy, Astral Travel, Clairvoyance, other worlds etc.


Samata Shah